About Packet Publishing

Provides online advertisers with the ability to reach highly targeted potential customers in niche markets through ad placement in high quality digital content delivered over a network of web sites and services.

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Packet Publishing produces high quality digital content for thousands of websites in its network and provides businesses with opportunities to receive highly targeted referral traffic to their own product or service sites through in content advertising.


Highest Quality Referrals

The referral traffic is of the highest quality because it originates primarily from organic search engine results rather than traditional publications or paid search results.  Web searchers trust these results more than any other source because they are unbiased.  The collective recognition of the entire World Wide Web determine the top organic search engine results rather than organizations with the largest advertising budgets.   


Targeted Advertising

The variety and size of the publishing network helps advertisers maximize their advertising efficiency by targeting specific demographics and markets even in obscure niches.  The websites in the network uses web analytics and business intelligence programs to gain visibility into their audience which can be matched to advertiser’s target demographic.          

Packet Publishing


Contact Information

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